Artist’s statement

I am a textile artist and embroiderer. I draw inspiration mainly from nature to develop my work, but can also see the potential for embroidery in the most obscure of images. Fascinating organic forms and structures provide exciting departure points for stitch. I am drawn principally to colour and form.

Drawing is the basis of most of my work and it almost always begins in my sketchbook. I have quite a number on the go at any one time. Because of my early training as an illustrator it’s inevitable that my work reflects a focus on the drawn line whether this work is created in fabric , as a collage, or in hand and machine embroidery. It is important for me to develop ideas through drawing and my embroideries often have a strong graphic element which holds the images together. I use a wide range of media and materials to develop my work and use thread and fabric almost as a paint medium.

My current projects concentrate on the varying colours of the seashore around Kirkcudbright after the tide has receded and the rocks are still wet. It is an endless source of inspiration and delight. I am fascinated by the edges and borders created by rock and stone. I spend hours wandering the shoreline around the many local bays of the Dumfries and Galloway coast. I paint, draw and photograph the abundant images which present themselves. I then translate these observations of nature into abstract concepts. I find that I am gradually developing and moving towards a fine art approach to textiles.